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Those Who Walked This Way


Those who walked this way,          
Those who left their footprints
on the sands of time,

Those who walked all alone,
Those who soaked
into their souls
all the simmering sorrows
of this hot earth,


Those who rowed across the sea
of raging waves and whirlpools
in a stormy night
against the tides ,



Those who left their fingerprints
wet with compassion
and disappeared somewhere
along this way  —

How to continue their songs
giving a new melody
and a different rhythm?—
Unsure, I sit here.

They gave my memories
this rainbow; that I did not know.

They put this bamboo flute
in my hands; that I did not know.

They left this ember in my heart;
even that I did not know.

They burn as wicks in my soul;
That’s all I know—

That’s all…
that’s all…
I know.

Poems of the World (USA)1997/98 Issue - Pg 20

The Malayalam version of this poem received the following awards:


  Gayatri Award (New Delhi) - 1997  At a function held in Maulankar Hall,
New Delhi, this award was presented on 24 October 1997.
Vishnu Narayanan Nampoothiri, Chouvallur Krishnan Kutty and
Pro. K. T. Krishna Warrier were the Judges.


 Deccan Cultural Society Award (Bangalore) - 1998.
Pro. K. P. Sankaran was the Chairman of the panel of Judges.
This award was presented by Dr. U. R. Anantha Murthy,
Secretary of the Indian Sahitya Academy , at the Silver Jubilee
Celebration of the Society at the ADA Rangamandira, Bangalore
on 25 October 1998.


 For the Malayalam version, Ithile Nadannavar, please click here.   


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